Don’t you worry about time off,

let us worry about time off.

10,000 agencies manage their
companies benefits on Corefit

PTO set up

You create the PTO policy that fits your company’s needs. Set limits, offer sick or personal days and work from home days all within Corefits. You can even reward employees with vacation days for their work anniversaries.

Requesting time off

Time off requests and sick day reporting are done in just a few clicks by employees. Managers will be notified immediately and all PTO history is visible from their dashboards along with remaining PTO days left.

Management Tools

Notifications are sent out immediately when an employee submits a request. Managers can approve or deny requested time off with a single click from their email or Corefits dashboard. Team PTO history is stored and easily accessible.

Calendar Sync

Your PTO calendar on Corefits can be integrated with any of your other calendar applications, so you can see everything you need in one place.

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