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Onboarding Compliance:


Your employees demographic information is collected from all employees and Corefits provides relevant reports.


Corefits generates W4s for all of your employees and keeps them accessible to employer and employee online.


Eligibility documents are aggregated by Corefits and we generate I-9 forms for you to sign directly online.


All employment agreements are signed and stored online as well as IP agreements, stock options, employee handbooks, and any other relevant paperwork you need.

Benefits Compliance:

Section 125 POP plans

Corefits helps you qualify for pre-tax benefit deductions by giving you all the information you need.


We will manage COBRA for all of your past employees for free!


We ensure your employees are always in compliance by updating our system to all current ACA regulations

Form 5500

You have instant access to all information needed for you to complete your 5500 and report your IRA and ERISA requirements.

Time Off Compliance:

Financial liability

We track your liability for all accrued PTO and how much you will owe in the event of termination

Minimum sick day requirements

If your company has sick leave requirements, we will match your PTO policy to them.

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