Corefits connects with your current payroll.

If you need to setup a new payroll, we can do that too!

ZenPayroll Intuit QuickBooks, Intuit Payroll, ADP and Paychex
are all supported on Corefit

New employees are instantly added to your payroll

When we finish onboarding a new hire, we will get his or her information and enter it into your payroll for you. Making changes to the payroll and information is a snap, just log in to Corefits, make the change and it will be updated on all of your systems.

Payroll deduction updates

With Corefits, deductions are automatic for all employee benefits. When an employee changes his or her FSA contribution, that change will be automatically reflected in your payroll deductions.

Employees gain online access to HR

Contribution amounts are automatically updated and with payroll integration, limits are easily enforced. Pre-tax deductions for your benefits can be set up quickly and are automatically updated as well.

Onboard contractors instantly

Corefits will help you create an agreement, get signatures, gather bank information, and of course pay contractors with minimal effort from you! Close the contract with no hassle.

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